Full Cycle

Our commitment to a sustainable, healthy diet is reflected in our stewardship for the entire lifecycle of our soybeans. Bringing soybeans from field to table as tofu is the heart of our business. The process begins with sourcing the best non-GMO and organic soybeans from local Illinois farmers. We prepare our soybeans each morning to make fresh okara, soymilk, tofu and mung bean sprouts for our customers to enjoy everyday.

Our soybeans are great for people who are lactose and gluten intolerant, searching for low cholesterol protein, need more calcium in their diet and seeking affordable nutrient-rich food. Our tofu is available at local organic grocers and farmers’ markets in the greater Chicago area. We are committed to improving our sustainability practices and excited to partner with local businesses and universities to challenge our thinking and support our mission.

Loyola University

Institute of Environmental Stability

One of our primary research partnerships is with the Loyola University Chicago Institute of Environmental Sustainability (IES). The goal of our partnership is to study ways of repurposing okara. We became fast-friends and discussed the idea of turning okara into soy flour—to be used as a nutrient-rich food, farm animals feed and compost to grow organic vegetables. Soon we hope to supply local mushroom farmers okara-based fertilizer for their farms.  Our relationship sprouted through the IES biodiesel production program—collecting vegetable oil from kitchen fryers to refine into biodiesel and hand soaps.